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Constructing Modern Architectural Buildings With High Performance Glass.

Modern Houses, Beautiful Structures from Generation to Generation have had their fair share of Beauty and AESTHETHICS. And it is common knowledge that, has time changes, designs, concepts & styles follow-suit.

21stglass has in her stable, Most Eco-Friendly, Innovative glass products designed for today and complements tomorrow’s style and stunts. We provide complete solution in glass products including high-quality float glass, engineering glass and electronic Glass. With one stop solution at optimized cost, we can deliver the products to our customers all over the world with professional logistic network.

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Introducing the Smart Switchable Intelligent Glass Range

21stglass Smart Switchable Glass and Film are the dynamic and multipurpose glass which changes from clear and opaque states on demand. Switchable glass technology can be used in various sectors of life including commercial, residential, transportation, healthcare, government applications and many more.